Make the Best Choice – Automatic or Manual Garage Door Opener

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Make an informed choice today. Decide whether you need an automatic or manual garage door opener that will give you access to your garage.

Garage doors are available in many different sizes and shapes, but as a property owner, you need to decide whether you want an automatic or electric garage door opener or a manual one. Both these garage door openers are beneficial but they also have disadvantages. You need to decide whether the positives outweigh those downsides for you. If you are still experiencing confusion as to which of them will best work for you and your home, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

An Automatic Garage Door

If you want to install an automatic garage door, you need to ask for a professional assistance because it requires more work than a manual door. You must never try to do the installation yourself because it is highly dangerous. This type of garage door is also a little more costly than a manual garage door.

However, the advantages of an automatic garage door greatly outweigh its negatives. With an automatic opener, you do not need to get out of the car just to open the door. This offers you a great level of convenience when operating your garage door. You can just push the button on your remote control and then the door will automatically open.

Since many property owners are enjoying the convenience that this type of door provides, the design and style options have been limitless. There are many materials and design styles that you can choose from, so you can easily find the right one that will complement the theme or the beauty of your home. You can always find right style that you want with this garage door.

Manual Garage Doors

Most of manual garage doors that you can find these days are dual-locked. This offers a greater security level to your home than automatic garage door. Since you need to get out of your car to have an access to your garage with this type of door, a lot of people choose automatic garage door.

However, manual garage doors have an impressive locking system that you will love. It is also easier to repair a manual garage door, and it will cost you much less as compared to automatic doors. Although many homeowners have opted for automatic garage doors, there are still various property owners who choose this type of garage door due to its advantages.

Knowing the pros and cons of each garage doors will you determine which one will best fit your home and your lifestyle. You need to make an informed decision, and have your garage equipped with the best garage door and garage door opener that will boost its functionality.
If you are still in the deciding process, and still confused about the right type of garage door opener for your property, 24 Austin Garage Doors is here to help. Give them a call and they will certainly resolve your garage door issue.


Most Reliable Programming Instructions for Clicker Garage Door Opener

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Clicker garage door opener Austin is one of the most popular opener models in the industry these days that will certainly boost each of your operation experience.

There is nothing more frustrating and irritating that having to spend remarkable amount of money on something you know you could actually do on your own only if you had the right instructions. Well, for your guide, we bring the right guide to help you reprogram your clicker garage door opener without having to hire the professional to perform the task for you. Just carefully plan your reprogramming in order to perform each of the steps timely and effectively.

  • The power head of the opener has a protective cover that houses the lights that come on once you close or open your door. Open this protective cover and unhook it closest to the door. It must drop down on one end and hang from the hinge located on the other end.
  • Depress the button that is labeled ‘Learn Code Button’. Such button can often be found near the radio signal LED indicator. Once depressed, you will find the LED that will start blinking red. This will blink for about thirty seconds. You have to proceed to the other step just before the blinking stops. However, if you’re not able to perform the next step before the blink stops, you have to start from the very beginning of the process.
  • While the signal indicator is blinking, you need to depress the button on the clicker. In doing so, the LED indicator will stop blinking and will remain on. Again, you need to go on with the next step just before the indicator turns off. Just the same, once you did not depress the button within thirty seconds allotted to you, then the indicator will just turn off and you will have to start over.
  • Again, depress the clicker button. When the LED indicator goes out, you’ve successfully reprogrammed the clicker garage door opener. However, if the LED indicator starts to blink rapidly and then suddenly turns off, this is an indication that the receiver identified a different clicker frequency or hasn’t detected any frequency. If this happens, then you need to start from the beginning and repeat the process.
  • If you want to test your clicker garage door opener, you need to clean your garage door pathway. Depress the clicker. Your door should close and when you depress it again, the door should open. If the process works, then you are successful in reprogramming your clicker door opener.

If you want to enjoy a more convenient operation with your clicker door opener, investing in a reliable clicker opener remote is the best decision to make. For a more versatile option, you can also buy a universal remote that works well in any type of clicker opener that you have at home.

Important Note:

If your existing opener was manufactured before year 1993, it might not be equipped with a garage door sensor and some other modern door safety features. A new and innovative clicker garage door opener is one of the best investments you can make for a safer and more secured home.

Important Things to Consider for Overall Garage Door Opener Safety

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Are you sure that your garage door opener is safe? will help you ensure that everything about your garage door is completely secure!

Can you still remember the last time that you performed a preventive maintenance on the door opener of your garage? Many homeowners commit the same mistake of overlooking a regular garage door opener maintenance check until their opener is no longer working well. You must remember that overlooking regular garage door opener maintenance could potentially lead to injury among family members. Never commit the same mistake!

A recent survey in the United States actually revealed that 45 percent of homeowners with a garage are regularly using a garage door as the main point of entry into their house. Moreover, a separate survey points out that seventy-one percent of homeowners are using their garage door opener to enter in their homes.

With this fact, there is no doubt to say that regular garage door maintenance is imperative. To make sure that your garage door and garage door opener will always work at their best, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Keep the remote control of the door opener away from your kids and never allow them to play with your wall control panel.
  • Always conduct balance test. It should be easy for you to lift your garage door using your two fingers. If it isn’t the case, call Austin Garage Doors to resolve the problem.
  • You need to deactivate your automatic opener twice a year. You need to do this while the door of your garage is in its closed position. You can do this by pulling on the pull rope or the red cord.
  • Visual inspect the mounting brackets, rails and chain or belt.
  • You need to lubricate the entire metal parts with the use of an appropriate metal lubricant.
  • Conduct reversal test. Always be sure that your garage door opener reversal mechanisms are in their good working condition. Since the year 1996, the entire garage door openers have two safety systems, which are important to ensure over safety and security.

As a homeowner, it is your duty not only to make sure that all the parts and components of your garage door are in their great working condition. You also need to be sure that it is safe for your family to come in and out of your garage.

Knowing that your garage door opener is not working can really be very frustrating. The situation will just get worse once you are in an emergency situation and you really need to get access to your car. When this situation happens to you, the best thing that you can do is to contact professional garage door specialists such as 24 Austin Garage Doors. They know how difficult it is to find out that your garage door opener is not working that is why they are always dedicated to help.

Tips before Conducting a Garage Door Opener Installation Task

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Garage Door Opener Installation
Garage Door Opener Installation Austin

A garage door opener installation is a very important task that must only be conducted by skilled and professional installers for your overall safety.

The process of garage door opener installation is very complex and it is very manufacturer-specific to be covered entirely here. However, if you want to know a simple overview of the whole process and decide whether the installation project is something you need to perform yourself or not, then this can be of paramount help.

Basically, there are three different types of garage door openers: the screw drive, chain drive and the belt drive opener. Each of these openers has their own unique functions and disadvantages and it is important to know more about all of them before making a purchase. This can help you save time and money when installing the right opener that is suitable for you.

Things to Remember before Garage Door Opener Installation

If you have decided which opener will work best on your door system and you have decided to conduct an installation project, you have to ensure that you door is well lubricated and is operating properly. You have to keep in mind that the entire weight of the door is supported by the cables, pulleys and springs and not by the opener. If you experience difficulty is raising and lowering the door manually, don’t install the door opener until the door itself is repaired.

Do not remove or alter the spring, pulleys and cables of the door. If your door has torsion springs, never attempt to service your own door. Call a professional immediately for an expert help.

Remove the cords or ropes connected to the door, so you would not be tangled in then while installing the opener. Remove or deactivate the door locks, so they would not accidentally engage or damage the opener.

Things to Remember During the Installation

Set up the power unit high enough so that tall people wouldn’t run into the device. Set up the opener at least seven inches from the ground if possible.

It is important to note that door openers are equipped with a manual disconnect wire or cord. This should be adjusted to about six inches from the ground. If you have to set up a permanent wiring, make sure to always disconnect the power before trying to wire connections. To avoid any electrical shock, connect the power cord to a well grounded outlet.

Consistently adjust the electric eye system and the safety reverse system of the door opener properly. For further details, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction of the opener.

Professional Help Always Matters

If you are not really comfortable with the garage door opener installation process on your own, do not hesitate to call the experts at 24 Austin Garage Doors. Remember that an opener installation is a daunting and complicated process. Attempting to perform the job without prior knowledge, the right skills or understanding about the work might just cause severe issues.

A garage door opener installation must be performed in great precision that is why it pays more to hire a reliable company to assist you during the process. This is also the key towards a safe and reliable door operation in the future.