Important Things to Consider for Overall Garage Door Opener Safety

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Are you sure that your garage door opener is safe? will help you ensure that everything about your garage door is completely secure!

Can you still remember the last time that you performed a preventive maintenance on the door opener of your garage? Many homeowners commit the same mistake of overlooking a regular garage door opener maintenance check until their opener is no longer working well. You must remember that overlooking regular garage door opener maintenance could potentially lead to injury among family members. Never commit the same mistake!

A recent survey in the United States actually revealed that 45 percent of homeowners with a garage are regularly using a garage door as the main point of entry into their house. Moreover, a separate survey points out that seventy-one percent of homeowners are using their garage door opener to enter in their homes.

With this fact, there is no doubt to say that regular garage door maintenance is imperative. To make sure that your garage door and garage door opener will always work at their best, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Keep the remote control of the door opener away from your kids and never allow them to play with your wall control panel.
  • Always conduct balance test. It should be easy for you to lift your garage door using your two fingers. If it isn’t the case, call Austin Garage Doors to resolve the problem.
  • You need to deactivate your automatic opener twice a year. You need to do this while the door of your garage is in its closed position. You can do this by pulling on the pull rope or the red cord.
  • Visual inspect the mounting brackets, rails and chain or belt.
  • You need to lubricate the entire metal parts with the use of an appropriate metal lubricant.
  • Conduct reversal test. Always be sure that your garage door opener reversal mechanisms are in their good working condition. Since the year 1996, the entire garage door openers have two safety systems, which are important to ensure over safety and security.

As a homeowner, it is your duty not only to make sure that all the parts and components of your garage door are in their great working condition. You also need to be sure that it is safe for your family to come in and out of your garage.

Knowing that your garage door opener is not working can really be very frustrating. The situation will just get worse once you are in an emergency situation and you really need to get access to your car. When this situation happens to you, the best thing that you can do is to contact professional garage door specialists such as 24 Austin Garage Doors. They know how difficult it is to find out that your garage door opener is not working that is why they are always dedicated to help.


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